PCB Layout Design

PCB Layout Design done by Fortitude Tech

Deciding to outsource a PCB design can be a very tough task. Between choosing a design firm to handle the design, knowing what to give them in terms of inputs, ensuring the design meets your specifications, there are lot of opportunities for a problem to arise. Upon deciding who you will be outsourcing the design too, the creation process begins. There are a number of critical steps which must be met for successful completion of a design. Here we’ll try and provide insight to the design process, as well as what is required of both the customer and designer at major milestones within the process.

Fortitude Tech is always wan't to getting it right for the first time with our checklist and workflow structure. We have exhaustive white box techniques to ensure all the entrapped errors are corrected before the designs is brought to you. It resulted into saving your time and cost on design.

Fortitude Tech specializes in PCb Layout Design, Gerber File Generation, PCB Schematic and BOM, Anolog Designs, High Frequency RF Designs, High Speed Digital Designs and Multilayer PCB Designs. We also provide prototyping services so that you can test you device’s compatibility with the PCB before bulk manufacturing.

1.PCB Design using a software

Drawing a schematic circuit diagram is the most crucial step of PCB design and should never be compromised or overlooked. For that you need a designing software such as Eagle, Diptrace, Allegro, Altium or Pads software.

2.Schematic capture:

After the completion and simulation of the circuit the schematic capture is contained within a file and is converted into a format which is called netlist. It contains all the tiny but crucial information such as circuit nodes, component pins and the respective pin connections. Thus the PCB is designed keeping the width, board edge spacing, hole spacing, trace sizes under consideration.

3.From file to the film:

The next step involves the printing the PCB of the schematic design producing the desired output. Manufactures performs DFM checks on the circuit and then finalize it to generate a film from circuit board diagram of the PCB layout software.


Once manufactured the PCB is tested to ensure proper structure. Every possible output is tested to ensure proper functionality.

PCB Design Service

How does our PCB Design Service work?

1. PCB Design of single layer, two layer, multi-layer, rigid, Flex, rigid-flex PCBs.

2. Highly complex & dense PCB designs done with ease.

3. Advanced component footprints & library creation including BGA, QFN packages.

4. PCB reverse engineering service

5. Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing PCB designs for lowering costs

6. Testing services of PCB design

7. PCB Prototyping