Our Design

Design Process

Building Electronics that just works right, works great!

  • Initial Design Review

    The purpose of this step is to get most of the preliminary information in an orderly, complete way.

  • Routing

    In routing process it is very important to enter the routing parameters into the EDA tool to ensure that all the rules are meet.

  • Mechanical Definition

    This step is where the outline of the board is defined. All design tools require the completion of step before placing any parts.

  • Pre-Delivery Review

    This step consist of design rule checking processes to meet the design requirements and ready for output processing.

  • Placement & Review

    A successful placement will not meet the complex electrical specification, but will meet all manufacturing requirements.

  • Wrap-Up

    At this step the design should already be completely routed and submitted to the engineer for final route review.


Our expectation of ourselves is to dazzle customers. We define "dazzle" as being unexpectedly excellent.

We Focus More On Customer Satisfaction Than Profits

Stable long term customers are the bedrock of successful companies. The only way to get long term customers is to be laser focused on delivering customer satisfaction...for years. If customers are satisfied, profits will come in time.

We Invest In Relationships

Our careful approach to customer engagements is highly unusual for our industry. A relationship will grow as better we know and understand each other, the better we will ride out inevitable rough spots together.

We Work For Fastest, Cheapest And Bestest

We always follow our work principle as 'Fastest, Cheapest And Bestest' to enhance our business globally.

We Are Dedicated Towards Work

We don't pursue purchase orders, we pursue long term partners. Since we are selective about who we work with, our team is never distracted and they are very focused. This allows us to concentrate on our productivity.

Top reasons to work with us

Some of Our More Detailed Service Offerings.


Our designs are simple, uses minimum number of components and very cost-effective to manufacture. We always choose parts that are widely available across the world & when we design a product, we carefully choose low cost parts so that your profit is maximized, with no compromise in quality.


We take projects only up to our handling capacity and hence we are able to concentrate on each project & finish them within reasonable time. We have re-designed existing products of several customers to lower production/parts costs.

Sales & Support

Our services are backed by equally strong support. In the unlikely scenario where you face an issue, we will work diligently till the issue is addressed effectively. You can rest assured that your design will be thoroughly tested before dispatching it to you & in most cases exceeds your expectations.

Rock-solid Designs

All the designs will include a working prototype which is assembled in our lab and fully tested before dispatching them to you. So the product is guaranteed to work when mass produced.